The Distinctive Sounds of Bischoff Guitars and Ukuleles

Though you'll never experience the full range and texture of a Bischoff guitar, ukulele or bass until heard and played in person, these samples of various models will hopefully provide you with an idea of the tonal diversity and fullness a Bischoff guitar, ukulele and bass can provide.




The Sounds of a Bischoff Ukulele

Listen to tracks from Gordy's own CD release, Solo So Hi

Track 1 - Something

Track 2 - When You Wish Upon a Star

Track 3 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Track 4 - Five Foot Two

(featuring Gordy's dad on clarinet!)


The Bischoff Acoustic Fretless Bass

Recorded at Pine Hollow Audio studio at 48K/24 Bit into Pro Tools

Track 1 - STC/Coles 4038 Microphone

Track 2 - DI - Fishman Matrix Infinity pick-up

Track 3 - Microphone/DI mix

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