The Shop-The guitar-making process

In the Shop of the Luthier - Hand-Made Guitars with a Hands-On Approach

There are no CNC milling machines in the Bischoff workshop. It's for this reason a Bischoff guitar can truly be called "hand made." Gordy's hands touch, feel and guide him through every step of the process. And a custom-built guitar can be just as intimate for the one ordering the guitar. From choosing the right wood from Gordy's quality selections, to the inlays and designs that dress the instrument and make it truly distinct, the creation of a Bischoff guitar is very personal and unique for every customer.


The Inception

All in-house wood has been hand selected from the suppliers stock. The primary criteria are resonance and appearance. From this choice stock I will tailor my selection of woods for your guitar after writing the order with you...the client.


The Options

The ordering process itself has several different facets and ties directly into the style of guitar I will make. In other words, the instrument that you desire will determine my direction in building the guitar.


The Process

  1. Choosing the type and model of guitar.
  2. Any dimensional requests (such as neck and fingerboard dimensions or string spacing).
  3. Choices of cosmetic details like kinds of wood or special inlays.
  4. A discussion of kinds of music played, style of playing, such as finger style or flat picked, as well as preferences for light or medium gauged strings.


The End Result

Every piece of wood will be hand selected, cut & fit to your guitar only. For me to make the appropriate decisions we will need to have an interview. All of this information helps me focus in on your needs and thus guides me to select the wood to make the best guitar for you that I can. The creation of a Bischoff guitar is very personal and unique for every customer.

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