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Gordon Bischoff, Master Luthier

The Beauty and Distinction of Bischoff Guitars

The dramatic look, voice and playability of Bischoff guitars come from blending 40 years of expertise in instrument repair and building with the eye and ear of artist and musician. Gordon Bischoff pursued guitar building with voracity. Having been a professional musician, Gordy understands a player's needs. His on-going profession in stringed instrument repair keeps his craft honed. The musician, technician and craftsman culminate to make each Bischoff guitar a musician's guitar. Bischoff guitars are cherished by musicians like Willy Porter and Justin Vernon. In 2000, he received the Rockler Woodworking Award.

What Kind of Guitars Are These?

Bischoff Guitars are available in two main styles: the ARTIST & INNOVATIVE SERIES and the TRADITIONAL SERIES. The Artist & Innovative Series features dramatic body styles and elegant, select woods that Gordy has built his reputation on. The Traditional Series displays the same craftsmanship and clear, full sound to the classic body shape.

Interested in Owning a Bischoff Guitar?

Gordy specializes in custom-building guitars to the customer's specifications. If you would like Gordy to build your one-of-a-kind guitar, browse the gallery of guitars Gordy has built in the past to get ideas on wood, inlay, and body style. The ordering page explains the process, and price lists will give you an idea on cost.

Or, you can visit the Bischoff Store, where a selection of pre-built and ready-to-own guitars are available. You can own a Bischoff guitar today.


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